UK, although small, is quite populous. There are many different regions with distinct atmospheres. The popular city, London, has many attractions, including the Queen's Palace and the London Bridge (it is not falling down). The capital cities of the UK is a global capital of entertainment, fashion, and finance. It is very cold and it is never sunny, so make sure you always have an umbrella as well as waterproof and warm clothing (if you are going to the northwith you. There are pubs in every corner, so you can indulge youself in late the late night streets of England. In addition to the bustling city, there is also the beautiful countryside, where the vast green fields and the cows roam freely.The dairy is fresh and to die for.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. the weather. It is very bipolar.
  2. the traffic can be unbearable. Many people j-walk. Don't get run over.
  3. Housing

    Housing ranges from flats to mansions. You can live in either the conuntryside or the bustling city.


    The food in UK is amazing. There are so many pubs, restaurants, and cafes. The most famous dishes are fish n chips and crumpets. Very tasty.


    There are plenty of things to keep you occupied. You can tour the Queen's Palace, walk the London Bridge, visit castle ruins, or even take a look at the Royal Observatory. Very cool.