India is the home of states: full of different culture, food, music and so much more. Each corner of Country has its unique qualities that make it enjoyable. About 1 billion people make up the subcontinent which makes up the colorful and lively vibes. We offer you this plan to get a taste of something new or famillar. Whatever it may be you will have the time of your life. Each area offers plenty of different activties to keep you busy. In additon the food is marvelous (watch out for food poisning). You will never not be hungry.

Things to keep in mind

  1. The mosquitoes
  2. The climate
  3. Stay cautious of street food because you are at risk since you possibly have a low immune system.


Housing in India can differnicate state to state. In this section we will be primarly be focuing on Goa. Goa also known as the 'Pearl of the Orient', is located on the western coast of India in the coastal belt known as Konkan. Some hotels that you can refer to are: The Baga Beach Resort, Palolem Beach Resort, and The Westin Goa. Here you will find amazing views and these three and contrasting price arrangments so you can find the one that suits your budget the best. Personally I prefer the Westin Goa because it has a spa, gym center, and an amazing view.


Food in India is very diverse, because its a costal city it is a center of commerce and different cultures. The Copperleaf is Vegetarian Friendly. It proposed indian and seafood cusine. They have a large variety of foods and are known for their good ambiance. Kava is an italian and indian fusion resturant. They have poolside bar and countless patios to chose from. A third option is the Mosaic which is a Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, and Indian cusine. Their portions are well made and their service is exquisite. A and A loves to have options open, so we love the Mosiac becasue it has that variety, to the point where we could come back.


The top activity during your stay in Goa is Mountain Bike Tours. One is the Blive Electric Bike Tours. They are a great tour and last up to four hours. Second activity on our list going to the beach. Its a classic but feelings the sand across the word is a great relaxation. One beach is the Calangute Beach. Last place we would recommend is scuba diving and parasailing in Grand Island.